About Testing 01, 10

What’s this blog all about?

Testing 01, 10 is my place for writing about projects I’ve worked on and items of interest that appeal to me. This is a space where I can share with a wider audience the things I do and the stuff I find exciting.

My blog posts will focus largely on electronics and technology — the two areas where my work and my hobbies overlap.

I imagine I’ll also touch on motorcycles from time-to-time. For me, bikes are both a recreational pastime and my daily transport of choice. I have in mind some projects that combine both tech and moto; what I need is time to work on them.

Some more about me?

I’ve been a nerd since long before it was cool — and no, I’m not a hipster nerd. Electronics was an after-school hobby, all the way back when I was 9 or 10 years old. This, quite naturally, progressed to an interest in computers as they became more common in homes and schools. I even had a Commodore Vic 20 … w00t!

I studied computer programming and electronic engineering at university, which gave me a solid foundation in computing that still serves me well today. Work-wise, I’ve now spent 20+ years in IT, working on networks, hardware and applications, and supporting end-users. I love it.

What does the blog name mean? Where did it come from?

It’s the classic roadie’s call when setting up — Testing … 1, 2! The numbers one and two in binary can be written 01 & 10 respectively. There you have it.

And the header image?

I’ve always liked this photo of the statues and balustrade above the 17th century Palazzo Nuovo in Rome. The crisp blue sky and weathered white marble look great, but it’s the hard-to-spot surveillance camera in the centre that really makes this image. Ancient Rome indeed …

Recent Posts

Retro Lamp Resto

In August this year, I had a brilliant day at the snow (Falls Creek) with my lovely wife, sister-in-law and nephew, followed by a day of cruising around the Kiewa and Ovens valleys, enjoying the scenery and searching for treasure in every junk and antiques store we saw.

I found this ugly duckling lamp for $15 at the Co-op Collectibles Vintage Store in Dederang. Surely that mucky bakelite and rusty metal could be made more interesting! What on earth were they thinking with that concrete block though?

“Unrealised potential”

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