Moto T-shirt census

Over the years, I’ve accumulated quite a number of motorcycle memorabilia T-shirts. Mostly souvenirs from MotoGP and Superbike races — every race I go to, a new moto T-shirt is added to the wardrobe.  I didn’t give this collection a second thought, until one day a colleague of mine asked “Just how many motorbike T-shirts do you have?”.T-shirt collage

And so, my T-shirt census and documentation project began.

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Kobo, kobo on the wall — when will the next tram arrive?

kobo on stand 2 eReaders — Kobos, kindles, nooks and the like — are the modern book. They’re not as nice to hold, share, smell or browse through as a real book, but with a bit of effort, they can show things other than books … Weather forecasts and tram timetables, anyone?  Continue reading

Taking the house’s temperature

temp_bench_testThe question

Could our roof space make a great computer room? That was the big question. Moving my network points, file server, router, security DVR and some other bits up into the roof would tidy up the study and reduce noise and heat in there too. But would it get too hot up there for electronics to survive?
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Home-made LED outdoor lighting

We have 3 beautiful silver birch trees in our back yard, set in a lovely garden curated by my even lovelier wife. It seemed such a shame to miss out on that garden after the sun went down.

LED cube lightSo, back in 2005, I sought an outdoor garden lighting solution — what I found left me wanting. All I could find was 12V halogens, sucking up 50 watts a piece and costing an absolute bomb. Why, oh why, couldn’t I buy some efficient LED lights? The only commercially available ones I could find were outrageously expensive. So I decided to build my own. Continue reading